In order to provide you with the best accessible cruise experience possible, please submit the Guest Special Needs Form at the time of booking but no later than 30 days prior to sailing, except for sign language interpreting requests which must be submitted 60 days prior to sailing. This will allow us to make the necessary arrangements for your requested assistance.

While we do not require information about the extent of your disability, the more information we have, the better we will be able meet your specific needs.
* Required Information
* First Name or Forename:
* Last Name or Surname:
* E-mail Address:
* Country:
Phone Number:
* Ship:
* Sail Date:
* Reservation Number:
Wheelchair Pier Assistance Assistive Listening Device
Wheelchair accessible vehicles for transfers Portable Hearing Room Kit
Service Dog TTY (Teletypewriter)
Large Print Material Sign Language Interpreting Services - ASL
Can not ascend/descend steps Sign Language Interpreting - Tactile
Blind (optional)
* Sign Language Interpreting services are available on cruises to/from U.S. and Canada only. Requests must be made 60 days prior to sailing.
Need accessible stateroom with roll-in shower
Yes No
I require an accessible stateroom because I have a mobility disability or other disability that requires the use of the accessible features that are provided in the stateroom.
Raised Toilet Seat Mini-refrigerator
Commode Chair Sharps container
Shower Stool
For pre/post-cruise hotels and Cruisetours, based on availability
Accessible hotel room with roll-in shower
Accessible hotel room with tub
Bringing Equipment:
Manual Wheelchair Power Scooter
Power Wheelchair CPAP/BIPAP Machine
*Wheelchairs and Scooters must fit through the stateroom door and be stored and charged in the guest staterooms.Standard stateroom doors are minimum 23 inches wide,accessible stateroom doors are 32 inches wide.
Please complete all details and dimensions so we may ensure your mobility equipment can be accommodated in the stateroom and if applicable for transfers and shore excursions.
Is your wheelchair or scooter: Folding or  Non-Folding
Is your wheelchair or scooter battery: Gel Cell, Dry Cell,or Wet Cell
What are dimensions (in inches) of your wheelchair or scooter?
Width  Length  Height(inches)  Weight(lbs) 
What are the combined dimensions of the guest and equipment?
Height(inches)  Weight(lbs) 
Note: At certain ports of call, gangway and tender conditions may make it difficult for equipment to be taken on or off the ship. Power wheelchairs and mobility scooters may not be taken on tenders unless roll-on capability is availability. For more information, see
Carrying Oxygen Onboard Carrying Peritoneal Dialysis Onboard
Oxygen Delivered by Vendor Peritoneal Dialysis Supplies Delivered by Vendor
Vendor Name: Vendor Name:
Vendor Phone Number: Vendor Phone Number:
If you require any form of hemo-dialysis, please contact our Access Department for assistance
Medical Related Dietary Requests:
Regular Soy Milk Regular Vanilla EnsureŽ
Regular Lactose-free Milk EnsureŽ Quantity (8 oz cans):
Accessible Shore Excursions:
Would you like to book accessible shore excursions?
Yes No
If yes, please contact our accessible shore excursions team at to arrange your excursions.
Can you do minimal walking?
Yes No
Are you traveling with a companion who can assist you?
Yes No
Are you able to transfer from a wheelchair to a seat?
Yes No
Note: the above information will be passed along to our Accessible Shore Excursions team. Be sure to complete the Bringing Equipment section so we can ensure the tour operator will be able to accommodate your mobility equipment.
  Please List Other Here (including allergies). We are unable to guarantee an allergy free environment however we can make reasonable accommodations for your allergies. Please note not all disability and dietary requests may be able to be accommodated.
(Maximum 5000 characters)
For your convenience, you may attach any additional correspondence using our attachment tool.
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